Don’t Tread on Me with Half-truths

While I was tied to the house, I got a book from my library called THE SHIP OF FOOLS. It appeared in Germany in 1494.  It is a classic everyone should read.  It remains one of the great books in the formation of the modern world.

That book reminds me of current times.  It’s poetry brings forth the whole of our times and points a bit to the characters that engulf a truism: things rarely ever change.  In some ways, it reflects the very essence of what makes up the human race–never mind the evolution of time, ideas, and experiences of the main characters.

In the analysis of the moment, it is understandable the state of politics that come across our screens everyday and every night.  It befuddles the political experts, journalists,  TV talk show banter.  Still, the emergence of something new and different, of controversial topics once thought taboo hit the fan when Donald Trump announced his interest in the debates, his own funding of his candidacy and strong independent surge of truth telling that shocked the whole of audiences that for too long have been fed the bull of the leftist policy makers.  There is a word for it, folks.  MAVERICK.

That is something long lacking in our digestive buds.  It is inspiring. It is cut to the chase because it has taken guts to stir the embers that have for too long been moisture dead.


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