Don’s Look at Life

Tip of the Day –  When age creeps up on you, three things occur.  Your memory starts to go and I just cannot remember the other two.

Aries –  Take a non-confrontational stance when communicating with others.  Avoid if you must.  Defer if you can.  Sweetness and kindness wins the day and leads to a gracious exit.

No Cards, please.  I was in hospital two days.  My Lord gives me strength. I am finally back in the saddle.

Blondie –  Stress is on the mind of both Herb and Dagwood.  That is some serious whittling you got going Herb. I like to whittle when I am stressed out.  I’ll go fetch a knife and join you.  Yeah, while you are at it, bring some more lumber.

Pickles –  You know what I’d like to do?  Take a walk across America.  A journey of discovery!  A way to see and experience the spirit of the Hobo.  A lot of sights to see.  Yep, a trek along the highways and bi-ways, I’d be taking stock of America, the people and learning more about myself. Either that or learn to play the ukulele.

Beetle Bailey –  Sir, your wife is on the phone.  Does she sound mad?   Well, I hear a lot of snarling and growling.

For Better or Worse –  Look Paula!  I got my ears pierced.  Now I can wear earrings just like you.  Everything you got, I got too!  Check this out, Liz.  I just got a new pair of nylons.

The Family Circus –  You know babies no longer get delivered by storks.  Now, the new trend is by drones.



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