Don’s On Eve of the NY Vote

Aries – You already know a handful of subjects to entertain and connect over. New topics and  activities will be looked for.

Blondie– Blondie stops at a greeting card shop.  I am looking for some nice stationery to write a letter to a dear friend.  Oh, my goodness!  Are you all right?  Yes, I’m fine thank you. It’s just been so long since anyone has asked for actual stationery.

Pickles –  Nelson, you are my one and only grandson.  That makes you very special.  You are all that I leave behind after I am gone.  Don’t listen to him.   I’ve  been picking up after Grampa for years what he leaves behind.

Hagar –  Hagar, you must give up your sinful ways!  Okay! I guess I can give up killing, stealing and drinking!  First, give up LYING!

Aesthetic Value –  It has been a long time since the chess world sought the answer to: Can the computer beat a human?  Now the question has become: Can a chess computer create chess ART?  Pal Benko answers that question on page 30, Chess Review, 2016.

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