Don’s Adventure into Robots

When I was little, I remember a pal of mine suggesting to our teacher and class that someday the world may be ruled by robots and our world will be likened to something resembling the Flash Gordon comic strip.  For some reason I can’t recall her response other than to say he had a very imaginative but really wasteful use of his time with make believe tales.

Years later there came first rockets that put man in space, then a Presidential directive to land a man on the moon.  Maybe it was the cold war with the Soviet Union that pushed our scientists and government to ever increase funding for such what that lad had innocently perhaps envisioned.  But then I thought it was such kids with imagination that would turn loose the brainpower to believe that nothing was impossible.

Today we see private business venturing into a whole field of investigative research and development in the quest to unlock the whole of the universe, even the Bible refers to the latter days where all mysteries of life itself will be made known.

Even growing up in the 50s,  the social studies teacher had us debate the effects of automation in the our world.  And the pros/cons filled the  blackboard.

Robots replace the human workforce?  The lust for the main goal of greed to wealth and personal prestige in both private and public venues has seen an ever increasing  debauchery raping the human spirit and our very future as a historical record.

Our whole life support rests with the vast record of electronics.  So it behooves us to understand the value of literature, of the value of library contents.  If mischief can create regional, national and international hysteria and both government and private business find it ever a greater threat and challenge–Well?

We have come to embrace and depend upon the machine world.  It has given us, with man’s blessing, a world class chess and other game wizardry where human superiority has been stripped away.  It has created a multi-class world where technical perfection supersedes any and all accounting of the human condition.  If the robot can ever be programmed to replace human brainpower, then it will either control or destroy the human spirit that makes humans individually special and likely that of the animal and plant world.






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