Something Old, Something New-

A new tactic was seen coming out of the London 2015 Chess Classic game between the two super stars  Anish Giri and Hikaru Nakamura. So, set up your pieces and lets Tango!

l. Nf3  d5 I like HN play into the center here. 2. g3 Nf6  3. Bg2 e6 4. O-O  Be7  5. d3 O-O 6. Nbd2 c5   Here, Aronian has tried 6…Nc6 which is another set up aiming at a pawn center with e5.

7. e4  Nc6  8. Re1  Qc7  9. Qe2  b5  10. a4 b4  11. e:d5!?

A new move introduced into this position but nonetheless a common play in this type of set-up.  Still, it seems to offer nothing if one thinks about pressure chess.

11. … e:d5  12. Nb3  Re8  13. Bf4  Qb6  14. a5  Qb5  15. Qd2

An interesting idea might be 15. …a6 with the idea to swing the Rook to the center/kingside via Ra7.

Be6 16. a6!!?

One might look at this as a s/c injection into the position using the a-pawn as a lure in part to get in a more effective Bg5 as a future target.  In the same view, now …Rad8 which fits my s/c theory suggests itself. But Black now walks off in a different direction, eventually leading to a big plus s/c for White.

16. … Bf8 17. Ne5  N:e5  18. B:e5  Nd7  19. Bf4  Qb6  20. c3  Rac8  21. Qc2  d4  22. Nd2  h6 23. h4 d:c3  24. b:c3 b:c3  25. Q:c3  Nf6  26. Nc4  Qd8  27. Bb7 Nd5  28. Qd2 N:f4  29. Q:f4 Q:d3  30. Ne5  Qd6  31. Rad1  Qc7 32. N:c6 Q:c6 33. B:c6  R:c6  34. Qa4 Rec8  35. Rd8 c4 36. R:c8 R:c8 37. R:c6 f:e6  38. Qd7 Rc5  39.Q:e6+ Kh7 40. Qf7 Bd6  41. h5 Rg5 42. Kg2 c3 43. f4 c2 44. f:g5 c1Q    45. g6+ Kh8 46. Qe8+ Bf8 47. Q:f8#.

Part of the above sequence was adjudication analysis by Giri.  It reminds one to never give up the ship.


















































































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