Don’s Comic Shorts

Aries –  The one who makes you feel that you must perform in order to earn love is not giving love at all.

Leo –  The answer to one problem is a seed to another problem.  Avoid  the attempt to solve until letting it digest for awhile.

Thought of the Day –  Did you get fooled by someone on April lst this year?  The truth is to believe nothing and trust nobody–just like any other day!

A Private Time Dinner Date – Lets order dessert. Shh, not so loud. What do you mean.  Well, bless my soul!  Imagine meeting you two here!

Pickles –  I was knitting a scarf for cousin Hazel when I remembered that she was dead. I think I forgot because I still see her Facebook photo all the time. Oh, you mean it haunts you?  Creepy.   Oh, I don’t really mind because she has a lot of great recipes!

Shoe –  I didn’t like your latest column.  Well, I asked my subscribers and they said they both did.

Left Out Feeling –  I didn’t like your mystery tale at all.  It was too short.  You are no A. C. Well, my space allows no book.



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