Kindred’s Special -Advice to Youth

Good advice comes from those who have experienced the path to fun, challenge, and mentally developing one’s talent.  Here are some views of today’s and yesterday’s stars.

Pay equal attention to every aspect of the game. It is important to be good at calculation and tactics but also work on opening and positional theories.  Good physical fitness is an asset. Patience in developing skill is a good virtue.

Have fun playing and don’t worry about a result.  In chess, wins and losses both form the learning process.  Success in your student life or at a job will carry over into your chess development and goals. Developing good study habits create opportunities to master scholastic and a well balanced temperament.

A transition from child-teen-adult alters a youth’s learning direction where values take different forms in such transformations.  To enjoy chess, one must grow to appreciate lessons experienced in planning, judgment, decision-making , ever being resilient in time or speed of tempi as it affects attacks/defense and a healthfully fighting spirit.

Good to review this one occasionally.  Go Chess!


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