Don’s Baseball Tidbits pre-WWII

My grandfather George Reithel was a catcher and a local star whose fame was really to share the joy of baseball with his grandson Raymond, creating a memorable scrapbook of newspaper clippings and stories.

Joe McCarthy wins ball games even in his sleep.  Known to be the most successful manager of the New York Yankees, he never competed as a player in the major leagues.  He won pennants in both American and National Leagues and managed his team to three championships in a row–one of them  using an invalid pitcher.  He managed some of the greatest Yankee players.

In 1908, Detroit’s Sam Crawford led the American League with 7 home runs.

Rochester Red Wings, the farm club of the Saint Louis Cardinals annual get together of two great managers,  the Red Wings headed by Billy Southworth and the Cardinals Ray Blades. The lineups of both teams were the pride of Rochesterians who saw many stars returning to Rochester in Cardinal uniforms combat the Red Wing roster who lost a heartbreaker.

Apparently the tiff between manager Ray Blades and outfielder Joe Medwick regarding some disgruntlement between the two is settled.  Joe has been playing great again which explains the Cardinal run up of nine straight wins.

Rochester Red Wings will take the field with George Fallon, Hank Gornicki, George Kurowski, Frank Crespi, Bob Ssheffing, Dain Clay, Estel Crabtree, Lincoln Blakely and Augie Bergamo.  Jimmy Hitchcock is a new Wing infielder.  Battling the rival gang from Newark, the fans were entertained for 17 innings after the Wings put 3 in the top of the first and Newark came back with 5 runs in the third.  Wings added a run in the 4th and 7th to tie.  With the score 5/5 through the 17th, the Umps called the game due to darkness.

The sad news for the Red Wings is that they lost a double-header to Jersey City while lst place Newark iced Montreal in their double-header dropping the Red Wings to 4th place in the standings. (1940 era).






















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