Lets Halt Gender Debate

Politically-speaking, once you open the can of worms where a majority segment of thought rests with the female species as voiced by the Democrats which tend to exclude the ‘boys’ altogether from existence is a disturbing trend I have witnessed for a long time. Every conversation, every political persuasion is aimed at excluding men from the halls of Democratic debate within the female high jacking by the liberal media and headed by the gay like female bosses of the liberal establishment.  I say gay because the rhetoric of these females tend to express a hatred for the opposite sex.  And this seems to be exhibited more by the female species than the male but thankfully limited as a body who seem more like a bunch of fanatic crème puffs.  They can’t stand up with logic in debate.

Well, I suppose I shall be lambasted for my comment above but that is my observation which, of course, in today’s world is a taboo subject and why I am the only one to observe this trend over the past decade.  Observations are not principled ideology but only writing what such observations are seen can make disinterested people beyond their own little world existence take note.  I am not a hate monger so don’t try to label me as such. I get pissed off by that crap.

My commentary and critical analysis of postings maybe started from such observations that journalists and news commentators fail to satisfy my curiosity that shapes my walk through life.  I have a few really great, some good, and others either okay or duds in their professional writings.  To each his or her own.  And in this, I play no favorites in gender.






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