Eyes on New In Chess-The Magazine

Over the course of some 650+ articles I have endeavored to make chess an enjoyment for the novice and family circle and adding a bit of humor, story shorts, poetry, and general thoughts on the passing scene.

One of my favorite columns in NIC is Jeroen Bosch’s SECRETS OF OPENING SURPRISES *(S.O.S.).  The current issue has Magnus Carlsen on cover with wins at London and Qatar. Inside you will find classic articles by Shipov, Dlugy, Judit Polgar, Sadler, Timman Endings, Jobava surprise in the Rossolimo Scilian (S.O.S.), Short’s ALL BLACK, Giri report from Doha.

*1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  Nc6 3. Bb5  e5! is the move highly recommended; after 4. B:c6 d:c6 5. N:e5 Qd4 undermines White’s opening edge and is an idea seen in the standard Ruy Lopez. An interesting idea comes with 4. B:c6 d:c6 5. O-O Bd6.

4. O-O  Bd6 5. c3  Nge7 6. d4 c:d4  7. c:d4 e:d4  8.  N:d4 a6 9. Bc4 (Be2 leads to a quieter play. )  9. …O-O  10. Nf3! Protects h2. On 10…Qc7 11. Bb3  b5  (11…Ne5!?) 12. Nc3 Bb7 13. Nd5 N:d5 14. B:d5.

Discover more on this system. The magazine fee is cheap for the wealth you discover within it’s pages!

You may want to digest the in depth article by Jimmy Adams on Mikhail Chigorin–the father of Russian chess. It  is a wealth of historic background and knowledge of the man and the period or you may enjoy solving Maximize your Tactics with Maxim Notkin. And you will greatly benefit from the new column by Judit Polgar’s  latest: Bishops at their best.

Sorry, GM Timman bills me like everyone else for my subscription (and I would have it no other way).  You see I just love the game and my website is free to all across the world. I also have a somewhat short fuse about trash of any kind and when I see a quality work done, I am joyful to promote it– no strings attached.




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