Don’s Comic Lessons

A host of comic humor to be catching especially when it contains, if only a hint of justice,  a joyful tickle within the heart and spirit that makes living worthwhile. To me, most fitting is the horoscope which I celebrate herein with you,  to wit:

Libra – You’re not seeing eye to eye with a loved one, but this might just be the blessing that keeps you from arguing which brings to mind Charles Baudelaire’s comment: “For if, by ill luck, people understood each other, they would never agree!” which we might say fits the current political arena too.

Bridge – Cy the Cynic says people will buy anything being sold as one to a customer.

BlondieDagwood sits in his easy chair watching TV and Blondie is reading the newspaper.  Honey, did you know it’s Hoodie Hoo Day?  Hoodie what?  Well, people who have cabin fever can get rid of it by going outside and shouting HOODIE HOO according to this article in the paper. Is that supposed to be a joke?  Dagwood goes outside and lets out a real howl–HOODIE HOO!!

Pickles –  Nag! Nag!  Can Earl get no rest?  Earl, when you emptied the dishwasher you put the cheese grater in the china cabinet. Heaven knows where you put the gravy boat. From now on do me a favor and don’t empty the dishwasher.  Got it.  The cat is resting on the back of Earl’s easy chair and thinks, (I see your evil scheme is working!)

Hagar –  Mother-in-laws sometimes can be a pest to both husband and wife. Hagar tells his wife Helga that someday I shall buy you that castle with a full staff of servants!  That windbag is always exaggerating!!  Mother, Hagar is only human and thinks to please me. Oh, no!  Now you are exaggerating!!

BC – Definition in Wiley’s Dictionary of the word PREFABEarly adoption of an upcoming fashion trend.

Beatle Bailey –  Here we see a common trend in poor interpretations of meaning as seen by the public.  Sir, you should not drink so much.  It is not good for your health.  By God, Winnie Churchill drank a lot and lived to be 90 years old.  Well, if he had not done so, maybe he would have lived twice as long.  180-years!!?

For Better  or Worse – Young girl friends who get into arguments and fights can be catty. OK! OK!  If you wanna hang around wif Melody Morrison, well, you just can!  But.  If you don’t wanna be my friend anymore, then you don’t hafta and I don’t care.  Paula, I.. There is only room for one best friend around here.  Who is it gonna be, her or me?  I wish I was a grown-up.  They never have problems like this!

Shoe – The two political friends sitting at the bar have their usual chitchat. Off the record, my chances of becoming President are nil.  Why is that?  I don’t play golf.  On the other hand, if my robe as a judge has any merit, I could be nominated for the Supreme Court! Well, as far as the President goes, you lack the right philosophy.

Ziggy –  It shouldn’t happen in hospital.  Ziggy had an operation and the staff nurse came in his room with a document to sign.  This form is an insurance claim for a ROLEX your doctor lost while performing your surgery.

Dogs have tales, too.  Take for example, Marmaduke who was napping on the back porch when the boys came wanting to play catch with a ball.  One boy said to the other: Don’t  bother him now.  Saturday is his day off. 


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