Don’s Tips for Good Health

My library constantly needs screening when it comes to good health, happy times, and general well-being.  You can take my word for it or just say: “sounds good” or “sounds nutty” but you read my blogs because you find or get something by the experience.  My joy comes from adding worthwhile humor and or critique to the whole process.

Some things I find are not new at all, such as remedies my mama taught me.  And what about all those new scientific suggestions that computer games turn on your brainpower and shove it into high gear?  To help protect and sharpen your memory, concentration and thinking ability, play board games, learn a language or musical instrument and engage in regular exercise.  Lesson: “don’t sit on your ass” has been around for a long time. Becoming proficient in a loved sport strengthens your character development.  I love to read.  I thrive on study of a host of problems where I find both board games of chess and checkers to have great benefit as do various card games.  In chess, one grandmaster at least says the use of chess books is equal or better than just using computers.  I guess this might be likened to the difference between the liberalized progressive movement of socialism I have written on and the conservative voices based upon learned principles of old that framed our Constitution taking the best idea thought writings of both philosophies.  These have led to an abundance of brain exercises in mental agreement or conflict in debate wars.  Life would be boring without discussion.

There are folks around the world who never heard of or use statin drugs.  Many are aimed at reducing blood pressure but regular diet of oatmeal, milk ( I like Almond milks) purple potatoes, baked potatoes and fish, blue berries, strawberries, beets or beet juice, bananas, orange juice, sulfide MSM will work wonders on your heart and other organs of which we are blessed with abundance in America.

One danger seen today especially is the use of computers.  I can’t say that the constant use without taking breaks from their use will cause eye problems.  But isn’t it logical? The old days saw children taught to use proper lighting and not read stuff under the quilts. Eye strain can become dangerous.

Guess I can sum it up best by saying that living life with moderation in everything is a recognition for and toward good health.

Adios, for now!


One Response to “Don’s Tips for Good Health”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    I wrote a letter to M. Thomas of St. Jude Hospital research with the thought of wondering if anyone there had ever mapped a record of children admitted with cancer. I mean by that it is unlikely that our Lord would put such a curse of a child. Recently an article appeared about faulty material for flooring that produced potential cancer risks. And what about lawn spays where dogs and cats get cancer when running about and playing with kids. One cover-up after another with little care taken to launch testing programs with children history reviewed from birth. People are stupidly just treating the conditions without reviewing the history of a child’s activities that take place in and around the home.
    My wife always said: wake up and smell the roses–Don.

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