Nothing But Confusion

Wonder why I haven’t commented on politics?  I said what I said already.  While some of you think I write too much on a topic, I must confess that I find current events too confusing for this simple mind to digest.  I find myself throwing up my hands like a bowler who throws a wide-open split 7-10 in the tenth frame.  Only a bowler can feel the frustration and that is how I feel these days watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper.

Last night we started to see snow.  I don’t relish the prospect of a hard winter.  I ordered and consumed pizza and a young lass came out to help me wipe the snow from my car, telling me to get inside out of the weather.  Such nice folks exist in this world of turmoil.



One Response to “Nothing But Confusion”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Pride cometh before a fall. It happened to Carly Fiorina when Donald Trump used her as the earliest threat and attacked her viciously knowing that he had fodder since she laid off thousands of workers. No matter Carly’s rebuttal, she became the scapegoat like so many others. I still think she was rooked and I don’t mean the chess piece either. I think he recognized her powerful message and purposely meant to destroy her which the media and the people aided in her eventual destruction. They even screwed her out of the debates which she proved was among the top when she was in. Many said she won those debates she competed in. Screw the media dogs. And the country will reap what it sows. Read the Bible. Now we have Hillary who probably will get the nod through the crooked political process of the Democrat Party. Ha! Ha! and Ta! Ta!

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