Happy New Year!

Let the new year 2016 find your diary filled with pages of kindness   and warm spirit of cherished memories.

Aries – Your many loved ones and friends will support you in unselfish ways, so be quick with gratitude and praise.

Garfield –  This has been a great vacation!  I can’t believe it’s over already.  Well, as they say, “Back to the old grind!”

Wizard of ID – Reporter interviews the King. “Do you have any comments regarding your Court’s latest scandal?  The King floats away in his getaway balloon kept handy for such moments. “Why do I feel he dodged that question.”  King’s bodyguard says it all! “He is exceptional at that!”

Kindred –  Tired  and hungry people are often grumpy after rising for a new day.  A pot of coffee or tea will warm the spirit along with reading the latest comic tidbits.

The Conservative Voice –  Light hearted decisions and problem solving solutions may be better than critical commentary where they find them as being imbedded in stone cement–hard to alter once made. Sounds like a message from Donald Trump!  A loose stone gathers no moss.

Words of Wisdom –  I love doing everything and nothing at all, just as long as I’m doing it with you because then I’m the happiest.  That is my daily Valentine thought to my love forever.


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