A Look at Square Count

Seen from New In Chess, issue 7, titled 30th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, the Kindred Spirit pen of Don highly recommends readers to subscribe to this magazine.  You know I do not steer my readers astray or shortchange them on what I recommend.  New In Chess is a must for my readers interested in understanding and enjoying the game of chess.  No, you won’t find the term square count so how does it apply to the magazine?  In short, it is my view of study given from the various diagrams to illustrate it’s usefulness.  That is why you need this issue! And once in your hands, you can apply my lesson here to all the game diagrams wherever found.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5  a6 4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O Be7  6. Re1 b5  7. Bb3 O-O 8. c3 d6 9. h3 Bb7 10. d4 Re8 11. Nbd2 e:d4 12. c:d4 Nd7

An idea probably made practical by Paul Keres. White has a s/c edge.  Following my theory on s/c, Black must plan to increase his own s/c.

13. Nf1  Na5  14. Bc2  Bf6  15. Rb1  c5  16. d5  Nc4 17. b3 !  Nce5  18. Nfh2!

White drives out the N from c4 where it offers to exchange Knights. White wisely refrains following the principle that material is necessary to carry out successful attacks in the middle game so repositions  it for s/c.

18. … Ng6  19. Ng3  Bc8!

A definite s/c plot for the Bishop at c8.

20. Rf1  Nb6  21. Ng4  B:g4  22. h:g4?!

Actually, 22. Q:g4 to gain s/c seems more appropriate in our discussion. White appears poised to launch a wing pawn demonstration against the King.   Giri  vs. Svidler suggests it is unclear who is better.  7/11 count.

22. … h6  23. Nf5  Ne7  24.Ne3 b4 25. g3 a5  26. Kg2

Again White misses a s/c 26. a4! Now black s/c soars.

26… a4   27. b:a4  Qd7  28. Qd3?

Missing his last hope with 28. a3! over next couple moves.

28. …Ng6  29. Nf5  N:a4  30. B:a4  R:a4  31. Rh1  Ne7

White resigned following moves 41.

Lots of good chess and diagrams to evaluate conditions regarding square count (s/c) in the games presented in New In Chess.  By examining the positions in the diagrams of which games have several, it will give you a way to numerically provide count for both sides.

Kings on the attack is a first of hopefully many that Judit Polgar’s new column will delight readers of NIC.  She writes: The aim of the game is to mate the opponent’s king.  But the king may bite back, as highlights her lst column for NIC. All I can say is MAGNIFICANT MAGIC!!







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