Who Cares? I Do. We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas!

Atheists never bother me; do they you?  If they do, zero them from your mind.  Because you know, those who badmouth Christmas try to poison our focus on the beauties of the season.  They point to the fact that Jesus was not born on December 25th, a date Christianity adopted to celebrate his birth.  As I wrote before, no one knows the exact date but historians figure it had to be sometime when the shepherds were in the mountains tending their sheep which would put the time as August-September.  This was recorded in the Bible but also it was during the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.  I also imagine it was a time when the Heavens shown bright the beauty of the star clusters.

We honor Christ’s birth but also celebrate in love and brotherhood what the Lord has bestowed upon us; to celebrate our diversity, yet feel the bond among our peoples that enrich our very souls.  That is the essence of the Highest Holy God, our Father’s gift to mankind.  Jesus, the Son of God, established this bond, teaching prayer and how to pray and forever making possible the one on one relationship in love with the Father and the Son.

Today, I see an America that is not and will never be my America. It is a piss poor excuse for what our Lord hoped for us.  It demonstrates that the devil, Satan, and his band of other corrupted angels who followed him in rebellion against the Heavenly Father reside here on Earth, always looking to catch those who can be easily swayed into sin.  And this sin has found a haven within governments around the world.

Shamefully folks, you won’t find church leaders providing guidance for their flock because much what is espoused at Christmas time reminds me of politics as usual.  There is little feeling given congregations of the richness of this day for celebration.  But I say you can make it holy as well as a time to celebrate with presents, good food, and family and friends.  Be charitable and carry a kind word for all you meet.  “Merry Christmas” should be at the forefront of saying hello and goodbyes.  Instead we have the politically correct crowd always attempting to silence believers.  Must we shudder in fear of making others uncomfortable?  Well, they make us feel uncomfortable, don’t they!




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