Don’s Comic Favorites

Gemini  –   (I liked this best of all)  You may not feel like contributing, or maybe you’re unsure what you can offer, but give anyway.  More participation brings enjoyment to all around you.

For Better or Worse –  Look at the shopping line!  What if they run out of dolls?  Ridiculous wait!  Oh, well.  I refuse to degrade myself by fighting over a dumb doll.  All right, who’s first, please?  STAMPEDE!! ME! ME!

Shoe –  We find him sitting in his easy chair to view the movie he has been dying to see called BLACKBEARD AND THE SWASHBUCKLERS. Suddenly the host comes on to say the film has become rated ARRRRRRRRGH!  It shouldn’t happen to a dog–A totally depressing moment.

The Family Circle –  Mommy, they should have Santa be a challenge on Project Runway.  He wears that same suit every year.

Fred Basset –  A soccer match debate between coaches. “Hang on!?  This is not fair. I only have Fred while you have Jock and Yorky on your side.  Besides, Fred is  slow, clumsy and more a disadvantage than a real help.”  He notices the put down by Fred’s sulking demeanor so adds, “No offense, Fred.” Fred, being a loving Basset hound, and can’t speak but can think laments, ‘I’d be lying if I said none taken’. ( A dog’s feelings can be just as hurt as if it were one of your children exposed to this.)

Heathcliff –  Mom and Dad view Heathcliff and Mouse at the computer hacking Santa’s ‘Naughty List’.




One Response to “Don’s Comic Favorites”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Human and animal find comic equality.

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