Kindred’s “The Way I See It”

Aries –  There are those who find the treasures of others to be more interesting and exciting than their own.  Not so in my case. To me if those treasures could be stolen or seduced away, they were not so precious after all.

Bridge – This  lesson could have been learned from the corruption seen in states like Nevada, Illinois and New York.  Most of us were taught right from wrong. Few seem able to differentiate parental guidance by recent results in the news, and being able to distinguish opportunity from temptation.

USCF Chess – The major spread of youth tournaments saw children conducting themselves with friendships formed and good competitive behavior.  A problem seen:  Parents were often abusing the rules set down by the tournament directors and assistants to keep the volume of noise down or fighting like cats and dogs over perceived cheating, to the embarrassment of the kids.

Dog Tails –  You can’t keep a good adventurous pup down.  When a dog is missing and finally shows up for supper, family love shines through.  When all turn in for the night, puppy scoots out and over the fence, which just goes to prove, life is like a bowl of cherries–full of pits!

Garfield –  Spider crawls up next to Garfield’s nose.  Ho! Ho! Spider Claus says:   you been good or bad?   Swash!! Heaven bound spider say: BAD!

Beetle Bailey –  Don’t you ever need to shave, Fuzz?  I did once, cut myself and fainted.  Now my beard is afraid to grow.

Pickles –  “What’s that you’re holding,” Earl asks his wife.  A Christmas gift from our dentist.  What is it?  The same thing he sends us every year, a box of saltwater taffy.  He really knows how to get many ‘happy returns.’


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