Time with Kindred Spirit

Once upon a time there was a country called The United States of America.  It was built off from the degrading imperialism of European colonialism.  Early history saw a babe in arms.  It was new; it had new ideas; it had dreamers; it had spiritual life that people saw the potential in the beautiful countryside and natural resources–having many rivers, lakes and because of these natural water systems, travel for colonists enabled a growth in commerce and a wealth that Europeans eyed with a great lust.  But so too, did the colonists.  All remained peaceful until the colonists demanded a seat in Parliament and felt shortchanged in negotiations.
Carried over from this feudal system that permitted bond servants and slave ownership, this ancient system of class carried over from Europe.  Arriving in ships, those not having personal wealth came as bond servants who had to work off their travel expenses to colonials who paid their ship fares; slaves were transported from Africa mainly to be servants to the wealthy or farm hands on the huge estates of wealthy colonists.  Neither possessed rights we cherish today–that of free spirits.
The birth of a Nation came with revolution when the English King George tried to keep a lid on the growing discontent among the colonists whose business savvy gave them a realization that being free of colonial control from the distant mother country  became reality following the step to tax and house British troops in colonial homes.  The birth by casting off the shackles of colonialism was slow to grow but once ignited by these two complaints addressed to the King and Parliament by the American representatives found British troops on the march, colonists who were armed for security, hunting and who had learned to fight like the Indians from behind tree woodlands and earthen works made it apparent that the British were limited to control over the major cities during much of what became known in American history as the Revolutionary War.
Race ahead to current times. Taking into account the above, Americans have become a melting pot of the world’s oppressed and seekers of a new way of life that came to be the guiding light because of France’s gift the United States–The Statue of Liberty and promise to all who immigrate and obey our laws, read, write and speak English  forsaking all ties to mother countries.

End Part One.  Part Two will introduce growth of chess interest among many colonists and new immigrants.









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