More Humor for the Soul

GARFIELD –  Jon, I suddenly get the feeling I’ve never been so happy.  I want to hug you and love you and share my most inner thoughts with you.

I think Garfield ate up the popcorn I dropped on the floor.  I want to share the popcorn with you dear during the football game which started five minutes just before you came to visit.

I suddenly feel football is not my cup of tea. Garfield! Get off the couch.

Dear,  I don’t know how to tell you this, but Garfield is my body guard.

HAGAR –  This French menu is Greek to me, Hagar.  I think we should order whatever the waiter suggests tonight.

Sounds good.  What do you suggest my wife and I order?

I can recommend everything on the menu.

Where did all this food come from?  I told you to see what the waiter recommends. This is a French restaurant, not a Chinese.

I did.


One Response to “More Humor for the Soul”

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