Let Wisdom Rule Our Times

There is a crisis in every Land; we have no one to blame but ourselves because we fail as Americans to take seriously the consequences when choosing the electorate every two or four years often seen with hidden agendas that lack clarity of purpose with voters’ wishes and principles. Loosely put–A LIE.

I really wasn’t in good spirits of late with the Paris incident, the bombing of the Russian airliner and many less known to us of shootings and bombings within cities.

Who is to blame? The Muslims? Dissatisfied loners who congregate and spew their anger and hatred? I find it does take more than one to stir the juices of hatred toward others whether it involves political agendas or contemptuous differences of class, character, or ideologies.

Barak Obama’s facial expressions and verbal anger who was early raised within the Muslim world view expresses contempt for many western values. His own views whenever addressing the ideology of Christian heritage, refusal to call terrorism what it currently is composed and is nearly 100 per cent born within the Muslim world order to me represents a loss of reality checks in this growing insane world we are inheriting. Sanity has flown the coop with the insistence that pot is the lesser evil to tossing people in jail. In my view only time will tell the truth of the conflicting views about drug use and politically nothing will be done to ever remedy the lifestyle of the human race. One consequence is the corruption of the Godly spirit in the mind.

Both Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to put a name that defines terrorist. The term used by most westerners is Islamic Radical Terrorist. The media outlets feature journalists and politicians alike wasting hours, days, weeks, and months trying to find a final solution to word usage with any clear definition being agreed to. I call it what it is. Sorry, Muslim friends.

I read that latest survey of American Muslims (should we not just be all Americans?) by the Center for Security Policy said that 51% of American Muslims believe they have the right to practice Shariah law. Unlike most immigrants, the Muslim community want their own laws. The justice of it is seen in Europe where Muslims choose to live in pockets of a hidden society and many refusing to assimilate into the character of the country they reside and become a part?! Doesn’t reflect entire truth when their vocal actions speak loud and clear!! In fact 20-25% of the American Muslim communities okay violence to adopt Shariah the law of the Land.

Got news for you folks. The term Shariah Law was to probably honor Sharif, a descendant of the prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatima. My dictionary doesn’t have the name Shariah described in it. But then again, my dictionary is as old as the hills. So I have to assume the language came after.

I do have something to agree with the liberal democrats and media who support the so-called Chicken-in-Chief, an expression I find abhorrent to show disrespect of our President. He has also been called a moron. His Paris response being called ‘just a setback’ infuriated many in the hotbed of the conservative membership. The left-wing liberals praise his caution to avoid telling it like it is. “We mustn’t upset the Muslim or Islamist factions within our country”, has been a seven-year sermon of the President.

No. I have no answer how to answer the now over 300,000 Muslims living in the USA with growing number of 90-100 thousand more annually. I am no seer; I am not a politician; I am just who I am. I try to use wisdom but find it very hard to come to terms with the rhetoric of all Americans I see and hear on the news every night. I can only be me. To repeat what I read or heard from a voice in the past: “If this were a war, I would take up my shovel and dig me a foxhole.”


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