Kindred’s Special – Those Darn Funny Comics

Garfield –  I am a cat of great dignity–  BURP!  and SODA!!

Pickles –  Once again Earl puts himself in a pickle. Sitting on his favorite couch, he addresses his wife, You notice how I never ask you how I look?  She leans on the sofa back and replies, “Yes, that’s true.”  “That’s because I believe it’s not how I look but how I THINK I look. And I always think I look pretty good!”  Yeah, and I always think I can believe everything I read on the internet!

Hagar –  Bad news. Our boat sank. You are not getting another one!  Didn’t you hear me!?  The Boat is lost!  I hear you and so is the mortgage.

Beetle Bailey –   Gosh, Sarg. I would do a lot better if you’d stop calling me worthless.  Out comes the THESAURUS.

Good!  Lets see.  WORTHLESS …. useless, pointless, valueless, good-for-nothing.  An army to fall back on!

The Family Circus –  Granny and Mommy are at the window watching the kids exploring plants and insects on the grass lawn.  The great thing about childhood is even the smallest things are always worth exploring.


One Response to “Kindred’s Special – Those Darn Funny Comics”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Ich liebe deine informativen Posts.

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