Kindred’s Special: No Dead End in Chess Openings

One of the most vigorous and favorite openings I embrace is the Nimzo-Indian Defense. I first realized its potency when studying Nimsowitsch’s MY SYSTEM.  The beauty of it is that there are a number ways to handle the defense as well as the White pieces. I have touched upon this a little bit in earlier articles.

One of the classic thoughts in  chess comes about in the use of this opening play by Black.   It goes like this:

  1. d4  Nf6  2. c4  e6  3. Nc3  Bb4  4. Qc2  Nc6

This idea follows the classical idea of piece-pawn play aggressively challenging the central complex.

5.  Nf3  d6

The pawn move is okay now because the Bishop is now outside the pawn chain on the aggressive diagonal a4-e8 which now prompts White to attack it with…

6.  a3  B:c3+  7. Qc3  a5

This prophylactic idea stops White expanding the Q-side with b4.  It also increases his own square count.

8.  b3  O-O!

Removing the King into his castle for defense and prepares toward connecting his Rooks with the aim of a support at e8 to pressure the center e-file.  A cunning ploy is now, if 9. Bg5  h6 10. Bh4 g5!? 11. Bg3  Ne4  12. Qc2 f5 where the loosening of the K-side pawn structure is feasible in this case because of the badly placed Bishop on g3.   But let us go back to the main theme here of the strong center by Black.

9. Bb2  Re8  10. Rd1  Qe7

This move clears the way for the strong thrust e5 coming.

10. e3  e5  12. Be2  Bg4  13. d5  Nb8

The nice thing about Knights is that they are quite mobile and when one line is breached the horse soldiers can redeploy operations to continue their annoyance.

14.  Qc2  Nbd7  15. h3  Bh5  16. Nh4  B:e2  17. Nf5  Qf8  18. Q:e2 g6!!

Black persists in launching a pawn storm on the King-wing and center along the 5th rank that digs into White’s 4th. My lessons taught on square count are seen here.

19. Ng3  h5  20. Qc2  h4  21. Ne2  Nh5

The Knight is active and will support the f-pawn advance.

22. O-O  f5

Time to digest.  White need is to find play on the opposite wing in hopes of getting counterbalance in the position.  One idea is 23. b4 to control c5 from a Knight invasion.  Another is 23. f4?! which might be a normal counter against such a pawn action.

With a friend, try to play out your own ideas from this position and reexamine the latent features of this opening system.  Good luck and good chess!


4 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: No Dead End in Chess Openings”

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