Kindred’s Special: Liberal News Media Fouled Out While KC Blasted Mets by 7-1

The fix is in. Illegals set to vote.  That could well be the beginning of the end. After viewing the 3rd and latest debate on channel 205, it is a real possibility.  You see, dear readers, the left can’t stand Christianity, wholesome charity, or mom’s homemade apple and pumpkin pie.  Still worse, they hate the conservative banner and all it stands for.  Toys for Tots is likely someday to be put on the bloc as well.

Somewhere down that lonesome road that set on the walls of hidden communists in the 1930s-beyond, showing the hidden code of the red diaper babies parents for fellow conspirators, those little tots grew into the huge left-wing establishment, being schooled toward professorships, teachers, doctors, lawyers, unionists — all with the purpose of annexing the education system that promised to water down the values of the Constitution and history, defecting the truisms of each and perhaps others.

The 21st Century was supposed to be the beginning of a great experiment and having in place a vast array of new ideas and ways to bring about a more domesticated form of socialism and enrich the human spirit by eliminating those past failures of mankind.

Yep.  The conservative-minded finally found a strong backbone when all candidates rallied to put down the left-wing ideology that was spewed as questions concerning economics.  Lets take a look at just a few.  Candidate platforms came out smelling like dead rotting fish where the questions were meant to poke fun of each and every candidate on the stage.  Thankfully, they banded together and drove off the cheese mold from questions skipping logical and critical thought by asking about the popular sports menu and games offered the public. At that point, the monitors could have departed for home because they were all laughing stocks and even some of the commentators poked fun at those obvious idiots who don the clothe of news media hawks thanks to Trump, Carson, Rubio, Fiorina, Huckabee, and most of all–Christie and Cruz.

Bless their souls!!!!!!!!!!!

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