Kindred’s Special: Longevity can dictate and shape your priorities toward happiness

When a couple marry, there is time to reflect upon short term, medium followed by necessities when it comes to family planning.  Forever is never a real option when putting off setting your sights on bearing children because there is definitely a limit to that time scale.  Wealth is a primary determination by many who want wealth above all else prior to having children.  Others who cherish children may well desire raising a family as the primary reason to get married in the first place where it becomes a matter of pot luck so-to-speak in terms of evaluating future goals.  Take your pick.  What makes life values varied and perhaps best as a society function is the mother-child, father-child relationship regarding the value placed on work and how such labor to earn money fits into the parental-child relationship.

The work place is not often but sometimes dictatorial in terms of employment of both or either spouse.  The husband is the main source of financial security; in other cases, it’s the wife who is the major source of income.  Being fully employed in today’s working field can be a challenge. On the other hand, the spouse who remains at home is often given the blessing of caring for the baby or youngsters while tending housekeeping and cooking chores.  For some reason, the Lord has given to each value beyond measure.

About 70-80 percent of men prefer to be the major source of family security while women have a natural instinct to be the main protector of her children.  And caring for the household can be a greater energy user where a good wife has the household under control–washing, changing bedding, planning and making meals, shopping, being a chauffeur for the extra activities of kids and their friends, and guidance in their religious upbringing.

Maybe I got my belief structure from mom but certainly dad had a great deal of input as well.  It is just that dad had a steady job and played in two bands which took him away what some might believe might have made us kids wishing he’d spend more time with us.  We knew his love of music and more often than not benefitted from attending his events. So, you see, life is often give and take.

Probably, as I finish this, my thoughts end with a recognition that in family matters, there are no second chances in the raising of children from pre-birth planning to execution of seeing them eventually grow and sprout their own wings into  a life cycle.  After all, that seems to be the scheme of things and it is up to us to do the best we can as we walk hand-in-hand with our Lord.


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