Kindred’s Special: The Wisdom of Comic Tidbits — Teaching Simplified

Comic humor can be a relaxing joy as my readers attest to since I introduced “Tidbits”.  My main problem was how to manifest itself into my blogs wherein I could capture some of the more serious articles hopefully attracting the tweeters and Facebook fans to the wide range of material I write.  I hope I have done so. In any event, it seems my ideas continue to gel, especially for those who use the internet instead of buying a newspaper.

Today’s paper cartoonists present a wealth of wisdom:

Pearls Before Swine  asks the question to rate the importance of money got a scale high of 100. How does it affect your work ethic?  Zero.  I found the cause of our economic social structure.

For Better or Worse — a mother’s wisdom. “Honey, nobody wore earrings when I was in the first grade. We were just kids. We thought like kids. We acted like kids. We looked like kids.  This is a time to be young, to be silly!  I want you to be a child and to enjoy your childhood.”  Her daughter piped up: “I’d enjoy it more if I had earrings.”

The Family Circus    Mom is at the kitchen table helping her child with his homework.  His little brother watching from below the table top asked: ” Mommy, when I go to school, will you promise to help me with my homework, too?”

Ziggy   Ziggy visited a plastic surgeon because of his huge nose.  “There’s not much I can do for you. I’m afraid you’re just not drawn very well.  Maybe you could plead your concern with Tom Wilson and Tom II.”

Pickles   “So you’re happy  Sylvia asked you to be her friend on Facebook?” “Of course!  It means she’s inviting me to be part of her inner circle. It’s a sign of trust.”  Then Sylvia sends her a PA-DING! Oops! She wants me to stop sharing so many cat videos.”

Beetle Bailey  General: “Remember men, when you invade a town, don’t destroy any bars.  After winning a battle, we need places to go to celebrate!”

Peanuts   Kids worry and  can cause not getting to sleep.  “I’m going to fail that test tomorrow for sure. Why do they persecute us poor little kids like this? I can’t sleep…I can just feel myself losing weight. I shouldn’t have to lie awake all night worrying like this! I should be asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head…Oh, brother!”

2 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: The Wisdom of Comic Tidbits — Teaching Simplified”

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