Kindred’s Special: Democrats– Well cartooned as Jackasses

I guess I have to hand it to Ben Carson who eloquently without malice defines the Democrat today as a jackass.  He did not do so naturally but the wisdom of his thoughts and command of the English language by a man who possesses the finest of traits of human kind and speaks softly but with total meaning.  Somewhere I read that language was corrupted on purpose so that the ungodly could not grasp the truth of issues, thus exposing them for the vipers they are in the Land of the godly. Hence, whenever you see the media progressives debauch someone like Ben Carson, then you know the vipers that emerge on the scene.  The simple fact is that liars and deceivers cannot bear up to truisms.

Regrettably many of the old-guard members of the Democrat Party would be aghast at the hijinks seen within the Party faithful today. And to see the United States falling by the wayside would shock them because never since the Revolutionary period and WWII has this country been so corrupt where laws and decency are brazenly ignored and expanded upon with the blessing of the news media that once acted as the watch dog of the government, especially that of Washington, DC.

The headlines in USA Today (9/25/15) D&C read: TO CONGRESS: DON’T FEAR FOREIGNERS.  Well, I got news for the Pope; the USA never did fear foreigners until Obama came along with his Alinsky professor’s PROGRESSIVE movement, used as a means to cover the intent of the embodied Soviet agents in this country, Canada, England, France, Cuba and much of South America.  In fact, his name doesn’t even appear in my spell check.  Most Americans never heard of him or his passions.  But the truth of the matter is that unfortunately the Pope, for all his goodness, sticks his head in the sand and either through his readings and studies has formulated a relative backwards look at the world. The reality is that the USA has done more for the world at large than any other nation because we have prospered with our innovations and ways to make life more meaningful and abundant.  Our power is not to control nations but to ever be present when dangers like earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. bring devastation to whole areas of the world whereby our navy, air force, and even our soldiers and medic volunteers through the Red Cross and other agencies jump in supported financially by the goodness of the American people in emergency situations.  No! We don’t fear foreigners–only those who come here illegally to have babies born here or to wean out those who aspire to harm our citizens, cities, and way of life.  Our rules are simple– you come here, learn the English language, our laws, pledge allegiance to your adopted Nation and be good citizens.  That is not asking too much and if you think it is, then don’t emigrate.  Your choice!

Politicians make me sick.  They are so afraid to simply follow the rules!  Make excuses for this–for that. And why? Because the American people have been bred on the notion that progressive liberalism is the future.  Well, if it is, then I guess I should just keep my mouth shut and let the world run rip-shod over logic seen in the spirit of Ben Carson.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!  That will give you a colorful picture of the world you live in.

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