Kindred’s Special: Comic Tidbits

I like comic pages in the newspaper.  There is a joy to experience what these artists and cartoonists have to say that sometimes convey important values that make life interesting and a joy. Lets take a gander!

In Jump Start we experience a day in the life of a cop. “You must have pepper sprayed somebody I can smell it on you.” He tells his wife that his eyes have been watering ever since.  “Cops hate it.”  The kiddies pipe up with, ” We love Dad’s spicy cologne.”

Garfield the cat responds to “You’ve got a lot to learn about being nice.”  Of course a cat cannot talk but thinks, “I know. That’s my favorite excuse.”  Simple but nice.

Blondie  has been around for many years but still has a host of things to tell us about human nature.  She stops at a perfume counter where the salesman cons her with: “Good afternoon ma’am! Would you care to buy some amazing beauty cream? Then using his gimmick of salesmanship adds: “Omigosh, I’m sorry!  You obviously don’t need this stuff!!  Arriving home she passes by Dagwood who asks her what’s in the bag? “Something I obviously don’t need!”

Pickles is one of my favorites and often has Grandma, Grandpa and grandson featured.  “What’s wrong with Grandpa? “He has a tummy ache because he accidently rinsed his mouth with shampoo instead of mouthwash.” “Yuck! How do you feel, Grandpa?” “Okay. Just a bit bubbly.”

Hagar  always has a good spin on life.  Looting a house can have benefits. Carrying off the loot, the cartoon shows the window occupants. “Why are you smiling” says the King to his Queen. She responds with: “I love remodeling!”

Shoe The female judge swears in Mr. Shoemaker. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”  “I do, your honor. By the way, you look fabulous in black.”

The Family Circle “Mommy, I said my prayers. God’s never gonna have to retire when he gets old, will he?”

Ziggy  “ The nice thing about memories is that even if you forget some, new ones will take their place.”

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