Kindred’s Special: Comic Delights

Thought of the Day:  Having the uncanny ability to identify candidates strongest ideas while tweaking their noses as funny debaters, I am pinpointing their frail notions collectively trying my best to overlook such embarrassing innuendoes seen coming from the latest debate that made watching the whole thing worthwhile and kept me awake.  In all, it was encouraging to see a round that reminds me seen in chess tournaments where ideas featuring attacks and defense culminate in such fiery endgames.

Who were the winners and losers? It was a great display of giving it their best wherein the struggle making points and still keeping cool heads sometimes bordered on a boxing cajolery of cloudy tempered meanings. Such duels were actually enlightening from the maze of political correctness displayed in past years proving that the political debate game was worth viewing.  Those who did got rewarded.

It will be interesting to see what the media has to report on the morrow and be sure to understand that the hype will last for days.  Likely it will be just another case of who scored the most points.  But from Kindred, let me simply say–AMEN!

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