Kindred’s Special: Politics ever in my dreams

Simple term but oh how inviting for me to take a bite out of all the propaganda faced by the American public, most who turn a deaf ear to the hilarity coming over the airways into my TV and theirs if they even pay attention to what goes on in the public arena.  Of course, most folks just say they are too busy with their own life to pay attention to what goes on and will do so once the nonsense gets separated from the hype of major news organs.

I don’t wait.  My loyal readers want to know what I think.  Frankly I do care but don’t hold it against them for reading my stuff. As a conservative analyst I try to put some thought to what I write but you won’t find my blogs falling short of tweaking the nose of liberals and looking at the events as a clock face where the hands make it round and round and never really get anywhere, always winding up in the same place eventually over and over again across the wide divide.

You know my choice for President.  I don’t like repeating myself.  Somehow I find this refreshing in politics. Fiorina sound familiar?  Well, the darn Republicans obviously are trying to keep her out of the debates because the power brokers often seen as lobbyists think they own the field and the country. You agree with them? Then don’t give Carly a thought.  Yeah, that is her first name.  She zapped the field of seven earlier and many, including myself thinks she would zap to the top of the field remaining which does not fit into their plans. Her straight talk and knowledge stings and they fear it.

You going to let them do it to her?  Or, as my clock illustration suggests, it is just the same old story.  Well, your choice. I don’t care.  No, I guess I do care–for Carly deserves a place in the debate of the century.  She deserves that right by winding her clock where her face shines with honor, integrity and the America we profess to praise — is it still free and is liberty, truth and justice real or just a series of words?  If that be the case, then we have nothing to complain about ever again. The crack in the Liberty Bell is Providence.  It says our freedoms are ever challenged and we must stay the course in a stormy sea.

I say:  STICK IT TO THEM FRIENDS !  Let your voices be heard.  A few become many and many become like a flood.

One Response to “Kindred’s Special: Politics ever in my dreams”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Well, what do you know–the news just came on that Carly will be in the #7 slot among the ten in the next debate. Wonderful!

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