Kindred’s Special: Eying the Candidates from this old man’s perch

Shucks, folks.  The world globe in my study I’ve seen changed and I’m not sure for the better.  It isn’t that the geographic nature of the Earth has gotten any worse for wear despite the large number of new countries emerging out of the past.  In general, things have improved in that respect.  However, as I once stated before, the human spirit has changed and definitely not the way it should have.

As the world turns on its axis, I find the political foment to be very discouraging.  You see, the problem is that human nature does not change; it often takes on an even more sinister nature disguised like the Bible says: they come in sheep clothing but are ravaging wolves.  How true. Ah, Bill C. on less took pride in ravaging women. We only need look at the last eight years and follow back another hundred years to see that the political nature of the beast warned by the founders of our country in writing and approving our Constitution and subsequent articles to never wholly trust a too powerful federal government.

The passing of time saw many ideas and formation of conservative liberal beliefs which got hijacked by the progressive think tank as liberalism in its worst sense abandoning the concept of conservative values.  Progressive movement as I said probably was a con game by Professor Alinsky, a devout communist-social agitator, of whom Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama learned from in college and embraced his many evils.  He was closely aligned with the criminal element that emerged from the Black Hand, Mafia, and other brands denoting the secret government within the United States.  The liberals who likely held little faith in God and Country grasped the belief of the progressive movement which appeared like a light on the horizon of goodness and national advancement toward a socialistic society in which government replaced independence with the effect of being in control of citizens from birth to death.  Even after death, the government decided to tax even that event cheating individual family life.  This whole concept as a Marxist ideology and formed the basis of the communist form of government.  Even now, when conservatives who believe in the individual freedoms as prescribed within our form of government spout the constitution and guarantees, the left-wing socialists strive to shout down and undermine such belief by having formed the ACLU and other socialist lawyer based factions that strive to undermine the America values that has been the backbone of the conservative movement.

So, I come to the nuts of what my heading is all about.  Just who are these folks who run for office across the country?  Well, you can discover them for what they are–the good, the bad and the really ugly.  They emerge on the scene as bonafide candidates with full credentials to run for the office of President of the United States.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not lambasting any of them.  They are all honorable men and one woman in the Republican Party.  The Democrats have crowned it seems as the only woman for months now honoring Hillary Clinton with a kind of queen-like rulership featuring the noble quest, “It is my turn.” The only other candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has been around for a long time having the values of the pure leftist.  Late entries have not been able to muster much appeal and thus speaks poorly of their skill at the political game.

So, here goes:

Enough is said by the letters sent out by the candidates to prospective supporters across the nation.  The only letter I never received was one on Donald Trump who currently leads the pack of Republicans who by and large appear to be depicted as some kind of intrusive party with an independent mind and not afraid to voice what often is seen as rocking the boat of political correctness seen for years and years as pure dogma.  Such may not apply!!  The trouble is that Donald Trump resonates with what many have long felt but been blindsided to ever express because of this political correctness hogwash pushed on the American public and political machines at every level of government as well as the national media.

Each candidate has weaknesses and strengths and surely all possess qualities of proven leadership within the Republican menu.  The debates will eventually weed out those who either cannot stay in the race due to financial difficulties (its a costly adventure requiring lots of dough) or because crowds don’t mass to their rallies or they make impressionable shortfalls in  debates.

I am a conservative minded individual.  I shall not dwell on the Democrats because the old Party never got off the ground and the rising scandals leave little inspiration for the far too often prepared rhetoric of the two leading candidates.  Oh, they have been around for a long time and have their topics and cleverness for drumming up an audience cheering to assist them in their quest.  But we need only remember the many promises of that Pied Piper who led the children astray but empty inside and poorer in the bank checkbook while the voice spoke of heavenly promises.

Who resembles leadership qualities?  I think they all have proved that.  My favorite is Carly Fiorina who has shown those leadership qualities and voiced comprehensive and logical follow-through by careful thought as what the office of President requires without giving away her policies with both sister nations and adversaries.  She specifies those in power whom are friends and foes and makes no bones about it.  The nature of her whole purpose is to govern from strength and to build up our allies giving them the supplies necessary to win the conflicts seen in areas of great turmoil.  She knows the strengths and weaknesses of both friends and adversaries alike and doesn’t get bogged down in a single agenda. That is why I support her personally and on my website.

Ben Carson is a brilliant individual who has valuable attributes for any office.  In saying that, I would be happy to see him emerge among the top candidates or nominated for a top post in the government where his expertise would be greatly appreciated by the people along with Governors whose leadership of their states prove success is a benchmark for qualifications in the past as well as the present.  This election cycle is different in that there are candidates who have no prior political ambitions or held office in the past.

The only one I will never support is from New Jersey.  Why?  Because as head of the governors who pass on funds for those races, he gave zero to the New York State republican-conservative candidate who, by the way, carried every county except that run by the New York Governor Cuomo crowd where much corruption has been witnessed time and again within both parties. His excuse was he wasn’t going to support a sure loser.  Well, just maybe if he had, the republican candidate may well have done more than just carry the New York state counties.

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