Kindred’s Special: Cuba Today and How Chess Could Better Life and Inspire Freedom to Ring

Cuba? Wake up!!  Throw off the chains that bind you.  Prosperity exists only with a free society.

A photograph, thanks to NEW IN CHESS depicts two chess players, one seated on an old used but stable chair that looks ready to follow the old cars and trucks to the graveyard and a wood stand makeshift excuse for a chair used to seat the opponent with a makeshift board and chess pieces resting on their knees for lack of a table.  Being engaged in thought they seem oblivious to the shabby workmanship that makes up the background structure cement wall.

Such conditions exist wherever you find people who have ambition and brains to create regardless the lack of assets such as described.  Fidel Castro blames America.  Socialists and especially communists have a history using the word BLAME. It is this inherent blame game that seems to be a bi-product of all “isms”.  It acts obediently to muffle the free expression of a people anywhere within its ugly grasp.

Patrick Henry was famous.  He was famous for his: “Give me liberty or give me death!!”  These simple words were the rallying cry of the American rebellion.  Perhaps it should be the rallying cry of the freedom loving Cuban people and all who suffer under the yoke of tyrannical governments everywhere.

Why did the American revolution succeed while other people living in tyranny fail to throw off the oppression of its leaders and military dictatorships?  The simple answer historically is weapons—swords, spears, bows and arrows, pistols and rifles in the hands of citizens.  If government can forcibly remove these from free access to its citizens, then that government, by virtue of its ever progressive dominance over the people, can literally control the population within its borders.

The future of Cuba is unclear.  Years ago, before the Castro-communist revolution, the island was violated within by internal corruption and criminal elements from the USA and other countries.  That sparked the revolution and enabled this many long decades of communist rule and propaganda to spread communist influence in South America.  The embargo by the USA was a direct result to counter that aggression.

The dominant long standing anti-communist element of government lobbyists concerning Cuba was finally brought to a close by President Obama.  Many say he mismanaged that by not gaining reparations for businesses confiscated by the Castro regime, a call for the return of criminals who sought safety from American justice, and encouraging more freedom for the Cuban people.  President Obama’s main concern was to reestablish diplomatic relations, some trade of goods, and more freedom to travel.

I see it as a walk out of the darkness into a rainy but clearing morning sunlight where our value system of free enterprise will naturally lead to greater joint interest toward freedom of all Cubans.  The game of chess could well benefit from this and at the same time play a somewhat minor role toward fulfillment of bettering relations among people everywhere.

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