Kindred’s Special: Debate or Waste of Time?

For me, the only good debate was the early one where I think Carly Fiorina won big!  Told you she had top leadership qualities.

The main event was a win for Gov. Kasich or Ted Cruz. Trump was a flop having no real preparation. You can’t go in cold. And Dr. Ben Carson was given the shaft with stupid questions and least attention.  His quiet demeanor so good in a one on one was probably against him in this format.  Senator Rubio was fast talking with some good points but just repeated yak yak. Others held their own. Huckabee was good because he answered questions asked.

Sorry folks.  That is just the way I see it.

***   ***  ***

Well, that was my take getting ready for bed.  Thinking about it before rising, I felt it necessary to elaborate although I think I did a pretty good job in the above brief of the events.  It is fact that I guess I have kind of a love affair with the beliefs of Carly Fiorina who I have long favored for the Republican presidential nomination.  Her Christian faith and facing the hardships she has had I think has given her the strength, value system and all around wisdom shared by so many women in the past and about a few I blogged.  I also was a long time fan of Mike Huckabee. In fact, I voted for him last time and also made a contribution at his announcement once more when he declared his candidacy. In the debate, he answered the questions asked him and I admire him for his Christian faith and love he expresses in a political world of correctness.  Too, Governor Kasich was someone I admired for several years.   Like Huckabee, the Republicans browbeat him I think hoping he would stumble.  His answers to two questions during the debate convinced me that he has the fiber to go all the way.  The Republic stands well with the quality of leadership seen demonstrated free of name calling and hate baiting used by the Administration.

God save America.

The team of moderators I think asked sharp questions that were on the minds of many citizens and this resulted more in a free for all but hardly a debate.  It sounded more like rehashing.  While this was true of most where the public media followed extensively for their principles, this format gave the American people a really first glance at Carly Fiorina who most probably never heard of or followed. While she traveled the country wide,  she had limited funds but the citizens who took the time to hear her message, were impressed as was I.  Thus, she had a message to get out to America and she used this platform with great wisdom.  It propelled her into winning with over 80 % favorable. Perhaps her name was first known to my readers.

Donald Trump I had hoped would have done some research; he could have hired the best for preparation.  He failed like a kid who did not study for his exam and just winged it.  That may work until the glamour wears off in politics.  A while back he dismissed as a failure Carly Fiorina.  He gives no thought to the reasons, only that someone is a failure.  She lost to Boxer in California, a highly liberal and left-wing state.  It reminds me of his TV program. Well, I advise him to get smart and bone up on how to debate.  Free-wheeling it won’t cut it when knowledge of how government functions  is important in the public eye. May I remind you that Ronald Reagan was an actor, a democrat, served his profession as leader but mostly he was a great historian of life and politics in America–he became a conservative thinker and republican.

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