Kindred’s Look Towards the Goals in Life of Bowling and Chess

The goal I set for myself in bowling differs from chess in this respect: I use bowling as my principal means of exercise due to my physical needs as prescribed by my doctor.  As far as chess goes, besides opening a chess book or playing the pieces and pawns around the 64-squares, I find the mental exercise often exceeds the physical element of throwing a bowling ball down the lane during team competition or practice.

Per doctor’s advice, I no longer compete in chess tournament competitions, limiting it to battling my electronic computer wizard. A former chess pal suggested to me I find a new doctor.

I came across an interesting chess battle whose opening today called the Trompowsky Attack is a short but startling example of how the great players on the world stage can fall asleep at the board.

White:  GM S. Palatnk    vs.   Black:  GM E. Geller    Opening:  Trompowsky Attack

1. d4  Nf6  2.  Bg5  d5  3. B:f6  e:f6

An interesting try by me in a club event 30/30 Tornado was 3. f4 which led to an interesting game. Black opens the e-file in hopes of getting active but double-edged play as my reason probably to avoid it.  Besides, I did not like losing a developed piece, let alone one of the bishop-pair early in the game even with a slight pawn weakness which is hard to exploit.

4. e3  Be6  5. Nd2  Nd7  6. c4  Bb4  7. c:d5  B:d5  8. Ne2  O-O

Hiding the King behind a wall of pawns. But walls can be broken down and undermined over and under.

9. Nc3  Nb6  10. a3  B:c3  11. b:c3  c5

Putting the question to the Bishop eliminates the bishop-pair. Black hits the central pawn structure and hopes to secure d5 as a block perhaps of the mobile pawn chain. White finds a sharp square count sally for the Bishop.

12. Bd3  c:d4  13. c:d4  B:g2?

Always look a gift of the Trojan War Horse brought into the enemy city as a peace offering being poison.

14. Rg1  Bc6

Perhaps Geller liked the aesthetic beauty of his forces. But notice the Rook now is on the half-open file.

15. R:g7+  K:g7  16. Qg4+ Kh8 17. Qf5 and mate next move cannot be answered.

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