Kindred’s Special: Leadership Hate Over Time Leads to Distrust and Unclear Future for America

The President’s chief advisors met to make their case before the Senate committee on the Iran deal.  Many senators are upset as are the public concerning America giving away legitimate demands.  What are these demands?  As a citizen, I simply want to know why it is if we turn over the billions to the Iranian government, why John Kerry did not insist on the return of Americans held in Iran, insist on reparations to pay for the badly wounded coming out of Iraq and elsewhere which the Iran government directly or indirectly was responsible.  A number of senate republicans voiced these and more questions.  A disturbing one to me was his refusal to say more than whitewash the thought that Iran should give up its terroristic approach in world affairs as some senators related to him as objectives of those who were denied the opportunity when the President bypassed American interests for direct United Nations dogma.  Everyone knows the distortion of history by the left within its broad membership hatred for American policies that made this country the nation it was and can be again.

We have right on our side. Our wrongs long addressed have been corrected.  We give billions and use our Air Force planes and naval vessels in times of catastrophic natural disasters to rush aid and ask Americans to help fund recoveries. In a nutshell– we use our power and talents to benefit mankind.  Frankly I get disgusted reading and listening to these folks who badmouth America and never have anything good to say.  People should just think: Supposing America no longer existed?  Where would the world be and do then?



One Response to “Kindred’s Special: Leadership Hate Over Time Leads to Distrust and Unclear Future for America”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    History will record perhaps the right and wrong of decisions that are made by governments through their representative bodies. Such history evolving through the ages will be altered to reflect the people and their ideologies who write and, or record such history.

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