Kindred’s Special: Kindred Looks at the sixteen….

actually I was hoping to persuade myself to avoid.  Politics is not anything I put willingly in my pipe to smoke.  And who cares what I think…or you, for that matter.  As I see it, my critics will say, “There he goes again:  Tooting his own horn.”  My readers will look to see what I got to say.

In a nutshell– a herd of patriotic Americans enclosed right now in a corral revving up to venture forth in their joint desire to attract attention and state their case where individual merit by citizens weigh their individual power of  persuasion in upcoming public debate.

It would not be fair to all concerned to suggest favorite candidates of mine since a number have entered the race over various time frames which gives little credence to polls as such.  Still, like always, the media jumps on every word and every statement extracting whatever the dogs of discourse themselves use to muddy the waters of what should be a sweet and clear spring flowing purity in all its bubbling and give fresh air to the political process.

I study the media camps–conservative, moderate, liberal who work feverishly to sway public opinion.  You know them by their stripes. Some intentionally tell lies, untruths of political agendas, or spew venom unbecoming the posts and power they wield as journalists and commentators.  Wisdom gives the thoughtful and educated voice to differentiate the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, I turn my own thoughts to what makes a leader.  Who will emerge from the pack.  What horse and rider will burst forth from the start or will be a late bloomer coming from out of nowhere as so often happens in horse races?  And to be sure, this is going to be a horse race for the Republican Party and the Democrat Party alike.

Currently, looking at the candidates, I have to say that Carly carries a consistent message, has favorable credentials and proven leadership qualities that can view issues with intelligence and purpose giving our national needs and Presidential duties prime importance and attention. She has demonstrated this with her own campaign which has gained more and more interest.  I do not feel secure in trusting that to any politician with the mess they have made from either political spectrum but a need for stature and foresight of a Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher, or Ronald Reagan.  However, much talent exists; lets see if the dogma of political hacks can be erased from this current platform of candidates on either side.

I guess I am greatly disappointed in the lost opportunities which President Obama projected coming from of his prepared speeches that lifted the spirit and hope of so many, especially the young, but sadly found a left-wing deflated tire and no spare, facing a family stuck on a country road and long journey home.

Stay tuned for the upcoming debates which seem positive unless they come up shortchanged because of media hype or sabotage.

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