Kimdred’s Special: American Icon and Hero for the Depressed in America

Yes, I am one of many Americans who get a depressive feeling lasting through these past two decades until someone comes along to remind me that I am not alone in my belief that the scourge seen by the so-called political elite, meaning the ultra-liberal establishment that gave birth to the progressive movement for which it clings like a poison ivy growth on our national tree.  It has an air respectability until you get near.  It appears to have no venom but just touch it or let your sweat glands give rise to its heredity and you experience a very unpleasant experience.

The American Icon and Hero of whom I speak is one of the latest to put his hat in the ring for the United States Presidency run. Donald Trump is his name.  I don’t know why a guy like him with his wisdom and talents would want to run for such office for any other reason than a TRUE LOVE for his country.  It takes a man like Donald Trump to tell it like it is and to give the rest of the world order his unabated smacks across their faces for the shame they have wielded over these decades.

Talk is cheap.  It can be honey or poison.  But for too many years now the United States has been under attack by the UN and a host of political allies who share with many in business beliefs that exist, not for national interest, but wholly for the almighty dollar.  The reality of that is that many cracks have emerged in our own economic structure that equals or threatens to bypass even the ruin of the Greece political and economic experiment.  Yet, the false cry from all our politicians is that all is well and can easily be corrected because that has always been the promise of America…TO WIN.

Well, folks, I hate to tell you but few seem capable beyond words of encouragement to really bring important issues to the floor.  Talk, talk, talk.  Talk from the airways to the Halls of Congress is just that…TALK and nothing else.  All the so-called experts come on TV with their commentaries that sounds just the right words and talk but folks, believe me, just weigh the result.  There is and never will be change until someone comes along with the guts to say it like it is and to hell with what the social media have forever overlooked remedy for the sake of expediency and being liked.

Well, Donald Trump is that guy; he is hot under  the collar as they say and with good reason: He loves America and its potential to be great once more.  Sure, those who look at his rhetoric did so also about Ronald Reagan when his speeches and his backbone helped to destroy the Soviet Union and communist domination over much of the world geography. The politicos within the Democrat Party shivered at his language and forceful position.  It also exposed the socialistic agenda of the Democrat Party and its willingness to forge an alliance with all who breed a hate filled agenda.

I was most curious to see the American Way response.  All the poison came out of the poison ivy at once. No thought given to Donald Trump’s words being truth–only the dogma driven belief arising from years of decadence and a weak moral value system that has emanated out of the structure of political correctness envisioned by the progressive movement.

Who will emerge as the eventual Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate?  I frankly don’t know.  I like Carly for her intelligence that reminds me of Margaret Thatcher.  Both of these women had harsh critics but Thatcher held the reins of power through very trying times and a strong supporter of President Reagan and America.  Of the others, I wonder how much is just talk.  Some say a lot but is it just saying what the American public wants to hear?

The border situation north and south has remained unresolved but an encyclopedia would contain wordings that for years have been political hay for critics and politicians alike.  Donald Trump comes along and forcefully points the finger at the problem.  It will be interesting to see who and what entities attempt to strike a death blow to Trump’s remarks by slighting what some might call being over simplistic allowing them to slant their interpretations.

Who emerges from the Democrat race is anybody’s guess.  Vice President Joe Biden is now considering a run himself.  He has favor with Israel for many years so I have my doubts that he concurs with current talks with Iran.

To conclude:  Donald Trump has raised the bar of debate but in a more simplified and clear headed statement of the conditions that many in both political groups shy away from.  As politicians go, Donald is a amateur by admission but he has the smarts and time to build support.  His manner is uniquely his and his belief structure that all things are possible with having the right people to do the job will resonate with the American people.

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