Kindred’s Special: Pulling the Plug on Donations–both charities and politicos: Thanks to ACA

Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk: THE BUCK STOPS HERE.  For those of you who lack historical perspective and understanding, the S in Harry S. Truman exists only because his parents never gave him a middle name and it looked good. Sort of rhymes, doesn’t it? Well, to tell the truth I do not know about it except by hearsay.  Might be a story he told about it.  Who knows?  You don’t care; neither do I.  But these quirky things come my way so I enlighten you, my readers, for whatever it is worth.

Actually I thought of this as I sat down at my PC to write my article.  You guessed it.  I had no idea what in heck how to open up a discussion.  You caught me.  I cannot tell a lie or fabricate knowingly and I hope you do not cross me off your reading pleasures as I would be very sad if you did.

Guess I was remembering what a President he was.  He did not like the Republicans.  He despised most, I guess.  But things got done for the country without creating a lot of hatred and race baiting.  People probably loved him for his folksy manner, his daily walks in retirement, living a relatively quiet and simple life with his Bess and both cherished their daughter Margaret who appeared often on the Jimmy Durante Show displaying talent as a singer and concert pianist (if I remember).  Today, by the way, she is a well-known mystery writer who centers her crimes in the Washington, DC area.

The notion to write about waste and how to approach it baffled me because I was not inclined to merely reiterate what most of you probably hear or read everyday of every week and every month over the course of Washington politics during the Primary season.  It doesn’t take a whiz to see the waste, the corruption, the backroom shenanigans that take place.  These candidates vary little in dedication shown in seeking office which far too often revolve simply in a power scheme of sorts within various factions.  It matters only who wins and who wins is not always the best candidate for the office but one is as good in most cases as another so we all go our way once the final tallies are counted.  That is where the bickering, the element of whatever we presume to be disgust should end.

It used to be that citizens tried to select the best of the best having leadership skills necessary to meet the trying times of the period.  Still, the winds of suspicion, of crooked politics seem to boil over regardless of the best intentions of candidates to fulfill their responsibility as candidates on the eve of the elections across the nation.

All this was acceptable until the 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections when the thrust was not to find fight with honor for the winner but how dirty some of the behind-the-scenes operatives could muddy the waters. The result?  A pile of mismanaged flood of literature that eventually turns off the interests of voting age citizens.  It has become a game, if it were ever anything but…

It is time for the good folks in America to stand up and tell these professional oxen to throw off their yokes and begin the road to American revitalization of the whole process in a manner with which it was and is intended.

For myself (I don’t know about you) I find it both impractical and unproductive to receive the load of correspondence I do in the vain hope of convincing me that Party loyalty means forking over hundreds of dollars to candidates directly or to the party bosses that funnel the funds into the maze of hack ads that desire to persuade support or murder reputations of honorable men and women who campaign legitimately (I would like to think so anyway) giving their own personal credentials. No one is free of this stain. Frankly, I do not need hype–just truth in belief and experience that enables their voices to be heard and weighed by voters.  Americans within the voting age should be given credit for being intelligent enough to separate weeds, garbage, and then to give their support to those whom deserve it based upon Party loyalty but more on the integrity and character traits of the slate of candidates being considered.

Finally I would like to kick the asses of those who railroaded through the ACA because my funds are no longer available due to the enormous personal expenses this Democrat President along with Ms. Pelosi forced upon the American people.  It is not only a bad bill but was designed by corruption from the top down.

I said my peace. Peace be with you readers.

6 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Pulling the Plug on Donations–both charities and politicos: Thanks to ACA”

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