Kindred’s Special: Opinions–Just some of the stuff I’ve seen riles me so……

It all started some time ago when I awoke yesterday with a feeling of despair: “What in hell is happening to the human race?”  Oh, excuse me!  Did I say that naughty word “hell”?  Don’t call out the security police or the black watchdogs like the good Reverend Sharpton who as yet to pay his fair share of taxes to satisfy the inner-city youth who destroy everything in “site”! Let me see, did he not pay them? But was it enough to cover the site-waste he brought on with his lying loose tongue?  The sad affair of life remains with the question: If good folks suffer, when will we see the bad reap their justice?  Don’t even nap on it; it won’t happen. Why?  The flock doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong–that has been replaced by right and left and more left by the liberals from the Democrats to the media bigwigs, to Californian and New York City crowd.

Guess what really got me riled most was the Opinion Page by Chuck Wells, the Times Columnist.  No, let me clarify that because I refer not to the New York Times but the greatest little paper we relish here at home, Times of Wayne County.  I highly recommend it!

Some have the talent to purify the air we breathe. A knack exists with them to nail a coffin shut or nullify tainted words that liberals so fondly spew.  Just what are such words that seem to spread out like leaves on an elm tree?  My generation grew up with love and hate in our hearts in unison with past and future I’m sure.  But it has always been with fairness and to define the lesson to learn.  Lacking today is the very point that there is often no point to make.

Lets take the term racist.  Is there any reason behind its use in tone or print?  Just read where it is used today! “You’re a racist!”  Now, think about it for a moment.  It is commonly said by journalists of the left-wing papers, hate mongers and broadcast news. It carries with it a sting but defines little to nothing of creative imagination by conveying the simple word “fact” ! for the impression it certainly leaves having no definitive value other than to label it in a derogatory fashion.

Lets take the newest term “City Cousins” that landed the Henrietta Supervisor for calling a black citizen that term.  Seems a little far fetched for calling city cousin as racist.  I, myself, have cousins who live in the city of Rochester. Good heavens!!!  Where is the next racist term being hatched?  God.  I tire of reading such crap as all this in a world of educated people.  Or is that the real problem?  People having limited vocabulary think everything is being said in a negative–finger pointing way aimed directly at them.  In fact, did I not just possibly hit the nail on the head as some of my readers tell me I do?

Now, the term got to me last night was “thug” and sure enough that pops up as another new definition. And while I am at it, lets look at older terminology that liberals have redefined:

Wife– unpaid sex worker; Loser– a deferred success person;  Ghetto–economically disadvantaged area caused by discrimination.  (I always thought it was because of a lack of self and group motivation to improve conditions by not blaming anybody but oneself.  Guess I put my foot in my mouth again liberals.  But truth hurts doesn’t it?);  Ugly–visually impaired but we cannot all be handsome or beautiful except on the inside by the Heart where only it counts;  Fairy–I only see as a good ole tale as in Fairy Tale; White trash– person of European descent who needs a suntan.

Little Larry said to his dad after leaving Bible School, “I want to give some chocolate “kisses” to AL QAEDA.  That may bring out the love we share as the Bible preaches–“Love thy neighbor as thy self.”  His dad said it was a lesson from the class.  Yes, his son said, “when the buggers retrieved the candy kisses, the Marines could blow the crap out of them..”

Well, if I didn’t confuse you, I must admit I remain so.  I really do not know why liberals profess compassion but actions speak louder  than words. They can say anything hurtful and immediately be forgiven.  They get a free pass for cheating, lying, stealing and saying just plain stupid idiotic things.  Obama, Hillary, Biden, Reid and Pelosi are good millionaire examples.

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