Kindred’s Special: I Live For Truth, Justice and the American Way

Like Superman, Clark Kent had to disguise his powers and used the power of the typewriter and press to bring truth, justice and the American Way to combat the evils in his make-believe world.  This profound statement fits today’s real world and definitively describes the difference between fantasy and reality.

The power of the Press and modern media across-the-board is largely based in Washington, D.C.  It is good; it is evil.  What is this conflicting comparison of the words, “good” and “evil”?  It is my belief that when such entities purposely skew the facts to fit an agenda meant to confuse issues and to bolster a false sense of the President’s role as “protector” to one of political divisiveness solely for the purpose of exerting more personal party power, it is time for me to say, “enough is enough” and I have no power other than my blog columns to zero in on the fallacies of corruption which runs rampant in the Halls of D.C. And such a finding of writings and pen scratches simply depends upon my readers who comfortably agree as well as dissenters who lambast material they find objectionable.  It is my belief that one side seeks truth and justice while the other basks in the dark shadows of a cloudy moonshine and revels in the knowledge that politics is just a game for exerting an ever growing power grab by one party over the others.  In this case, the present Administration is fully guilty and endangers security for expanding such power that is seen in “the vote”.  It reminds us of the purpose of a free Press to provide a free American public citizenry to have an educated guess in support of candidates as they weigh issues and enter the voting booth to cast their ballot.  I also believe that a negativity exist among a segment of the population that stays home with the attitude that their vote won’t count or just plain “disgust” at the whole business.  Government rules by the power of the people to select those who govern.  Never forget that. American values are unique.  The VOTE is the one link between government and the individual and the given authority to rule.

3 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: I Live For Truth, Justice and the American Way”

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  2. Marquetta Zweier Says:

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  3. Damian Min Says:

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