Kindred’s Special: Put Your Pipe in Your Mouth and Smoke It

We sat in a diner and chatted about supposing this or that.  No reason for the topic to come up except that it is on the minds and lips of many voters and non voters alike. Okay, said I. As far as I know, the only need to qualify is being a natural-born citizen which I am.  And I have the advantage of being like most Americans–neither wealthy nor poor.  I don’t pretend to know all the answers to questions and problems facing the country.  I love it like most do, I believe.  If one were to ask what were my qualifications, I would say they were as good as candidates we hear from repetitively day and night.  I believe in a frugal and well set up agenda without mixing words meant to bamboozle the public, goals that would achieve positive results for meeting the needs of government without shackling the industrial complex with over taxation.  Business, as I always thought it, gave me a goal, a picture of current health and hopefully making greater returns on sales that benefit workers and society. I would run my campaign as economical as practical, knowing by tracking the gains and expenditures to avoid pleading ever more for supporter donations beyond reason.  I would not support causes that drain monies at the expense of individual or national liberty. The “isms” would find no voice.

Who would I choose to be my vice presidential partner in my administration?  I would pick someone like Harry S. Truman, only I see no man having such qualifications.  Hence, I would go out on a limb and pick a woman, not because she is a woman but because she would have the smarts to be a close aid in all affairs.  She would be someone known to many in other countries, honest, dependable, not afraid to tell me where she stands in either agreement or disagreement.  I would expect that.  Unfortunately a Dame Margaret Thatcher type is no longer with us but my eyes cast on one who previously ran unsuccessfully from California for Boxer’s senate seat– Carly Fiorina.

Please. No laughter.

But she wields little more than a couple points.  Look at what her critics had to say about her leadership skills.

Look! My critics, I find polling at this stage to be wholly out of whack.  And there are supporters of her tenure at HP.

HP was like Kodak–going down the tubes fast.  She was hired to do what she did and ‘the good ole boys club’ didn’t like it. Whenever you find poison pens, you find deceit at the table and I believe it was in the Boardroom too.

Look, you can’t blame all the moves to China on Carly Fiorina.  She is a fighter, not a grandstander. That is the political crap I talk about and needs to be handled with some sign of intelligence.  Donald Trump says he can solve it.  Good.  Maybe he’ll run.

If I presented in all my chess columns nothing more than spirit and fight and you ask me about Carly Fiorina, I feel I failed in my instruction.  Every candidate should know something about the game of chess.  That puts you on a platform where other games might fall in an abyss.  That is the way I see it.

One thing is sure. Nobody would vote for me in their right mind.  I have no ambitions to-speak-of you see–just an old honest straight-shooter who was lucky enough to be born in this great Land.

4 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Put Your Pipe in Your Mouth and Smoke It”

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