Kindredspirit’s Special: Deliver Us from Evil or Better–Give Us a Strong Backbone to Better Justice

Within my over 550 articles, I have labored to present this novice’s view of Life as I live it. Right or Wrong!  I think I find my articles having touched on many subjects, not a few as forerunners of events to take place.  I attribute this to a guardian Angel that was given me as a protector during my trials experienced in daily life.  I must admit I compose my pieces at the computer, not having the slightest idea of what I find inspiring at the moment.  Sometimes I do think about my columns at night in bed, but I was never good at making outlines; with me it is a case of my fingers trying to keep up with my thoughts.

Why and how did I write the above?  When I go back and read it, what will my readers think?  Me crazy?  A guy with some loose noodles?  I never question it or change my articles other than to hit spell check or go to the dictionary or my Word Finder by Readers’ Digest to clarify a meaningful thought.  One word or phrase can do that!

I hate/love writing about politics; much rather spend it on poetic tidbits, my Biblical philosophy, researched materials of general interest and of course on my chess joy aimed at giving my readers some pleasurable moments where I endeavor to seek truth about past literature — the right and wrong of it as I see it.  Being my website and blogging, I do as I please but only with the hope that I give to readers a good assessment found in researching history.  Some of my readers write that I present them a different picture and interpretation of what they had read elsewhere.

It has been a work of change — expanding on the theme of chess to include our walk down the road of Life.  In every way, it is a privilege to have met so many nice folks along the way.

3 Responses to “Kindredspirit’s Special: Deliver Us from Evil or Better–Give Us a Strong Backbone to Better Justice”

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