Kindred’s Special: Modern Politics in Review–

A great deal is written or talked on the subject of politics today.  I was thinking of course, as I often do, about how terms used loosely today as commonplace originated.  In biblical terms the history of man’s evolution is well recorded.  Yet it answers not the modern philosophy in the sense that man has matured in his own mind to be of a superior nature to all other things but for woman kind.  The battle of the sexes is long and continues but in modern terms the equation of the two merge where education and commonsense create inequality due to life experience.

From this bland developed influence might I suggest that emerged was the idea of progress that perhaps Alinksky had kidnapped to coin his communistic socialist agenda.  Thus, the socialist movement in America established the left and right wings of political thought where neither could visualize a togetherness of national purpose.  Each thought of themselves as being more or less the measure of all things.  The biblical thought of man sinning and needing redemption was replaced by this progressive movement idea where man was superior in thought and able to do good deeds because he was always thinking of his goodness and willingness to see a better tomorrow.

The liberal philosophy of the twentieth century was born. This general dream state of man to throw off the shackles of religious bigotry gives lift to the spirit of indefinite perfectibility.  Man is good and more important, he is rational!  His whole effort is guided in family and political belief that the bigger the government, this more will benefit the general public.  And this will inevitably lead to more votes and power for the liberal established politic power base.  It has become all about control and power and lead to a two tier population of citizens otherwise known today as left-wing socialist liberals who abuse the US Constitution and laws of the United States of America and demand care for the public from birth to the grave.

The conservative movement is geared for achievement through individual unity of purpose and upholding the US Constitution and laws of the United States. It accentuates moral and ethic values.  Due to a generally liberal media, infiltration throughout the entire education system K-12 and beyond to university study, an environment where learning includes the debate of ideas has been squashed by the liberals and socialist lefties.

Hatreds exist as a human condition and seem more pronounced in the liberal sense, especially the left-wing socialist types. Conservatives are more inclined to be bitter over abuses by government but it is hard to classify it as hatred.  They’re more likely to suffer persecution for their stand on issues by parties that find no grit for debating.

Chess is a war game and it is also a battle of ideas and views.  I believe that every student and reader who views this article should play chess for its many good principles that guide one through life as much as to enjoy good fellowship.

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