Kindred’s Special: Gaging The Dumbing Down of American Leftists

No.  I am not being critical of left-wing political hacks.  And I don’t like using the word “hack” even in a derogatory way. But lets face it; when asked who Joe Biden is and what has he to do with politics, it is met with a stare often seen in the faces of druggies and who exhibit no knowledge of his official title–Mr./ Dr./ Some ballplayer?/ a Governor?  And you guessed it that the only few who knew called themselves conservative minded folks.

I weary of the constant barbs tossed my way as a conservative minded chap.  Left-wing nuts can dish it out with their lies and ignorance being displayed so I sort of just smile and tip my tam.  Bush was horrible? I viewed him as decent and trustworthy; a patriot who felt the pangs of family sorrows and world-wide torment who tried to encourage their learning the values of a free society and government–many who never experienced free elections, only dictatorship and physical and mental stress, poverty and lacking a positive spirit within the family circle.  His whole eight years, White House staff and inner circle of advisors from all sides kept strong American purpose and military might at a time when it was essential.

Unfortunately his wisdom and book found nothing to inspire the opposition; his silence and refusal to be critical of the new President was a mark of a true gentleman and leader.  I think he was looking for success of Barak Obama by this spirit of new ideas and leadership.  I did.  I know others did, too.  But it was just one long haul of gamble and mistake after mistake for which the media enclosed in secrecy from the general public except for those who more and more became shocked by the dictatorial leadership and devil be damned–my way, period! approach.

As I said, I have no love for the nuts who largely make up the left-wing Democrat Party.  There are some good leaders in both parties and also weak-knead political hacks who seem interested only in having power to wield against perceived enemies of our country, using the power of the tainted and un-American Justice Department as in the Coe case depriving citizen rights by overturning court decisions for political brownie points.

Frankly I shall look with interest to see if the new Attorney General speaks with truth or a ‘forked tongue’ as the American Indians paint justly as a fib which just falls short of being a liar.

Certainly I wish her the best in tackling some very difficult pitfalls left but according to the high ideals expressed, seem to suggest her performance will be duly appreciated by both parties in the future.  Lets hope the confirmation is making America a more united and trusted entity.

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