Kindred’s Special: Poisoned Pen Strikes Again on the Liberal Establishment

Actually, I do not relish writing about stuff that my fiendish mind concocts from time to time but I must give credit to a cartoon I saw from a famous left-wing sob.  This cartoon referred to another place, another time, another event; but gosh, I just could not mistake the timeliness of pouncing on one of my own favorite cronies in government.  It so depicted a likeness as though it was a mirror image of message where I had the opportunity to turn a left-wing cartoon picture into a whimsical laugh in words.  Only my readers who understand my use of the written word over the pictorial elegance seen in the pen of a cartoonist can appreciate my prose.

So I decided to call an emergency meeting of the Nevada Liars Club to give honor to Harry, one of its most illustrious citizens–a former featherweight in the boxing business.  Some say his condition mentally today is the result of his being punch-drunk from all the battering in his youth.  The ring leaves a mark like that on the brain.

Well, that is an honor to be sure.  But does that not reflect upon the integrity of the Senate in Washington?  So I have to ask  you my friend if this might lead to a real fight to force his resignation from the Senate.  He has such a distinguished career.

That is the problem, would you not agree?

You want to throw the whole weight of the Senate on his stellar performance over many years just because he was caught in a lie?  You are hard–man!

It is not just the lie.  It is the tampering with the whole election process and worse, it is manipulation of citizens who must vote for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Are you serious?  This might uncover a can of worms of what goes on in the Capitol these many years.

That is right.  Right is right in the mind of this old gray head.

But isn’t that going after the problem with an awfully big stick?

You bet it is.  These are trying times and the corruption of many from Pelosi   on down the ladder as well as up the ladder affecting some in both parties is a stink that demands a housecleaning from top to bottom.  Remember what President Teddy said, “speak softly but carry a big stick.”

THOUGHT OF THE DAY from the pen of Kindred Spirit.

I view our country like that of a majestic tree.  It is inspiring to view its beauty in its many years since it grew from seed.  Its branches have multiplied and occasionally was necessary to use a saw to trim and shape it.  The roots grow deep and with proper nourishment will ever remain the joy for all to see.  It will never need an axe to chop it down so long as the garden is well-tended. –Don.


2 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Poisoned Pen Strikes Again on the Liberal Establishment”

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