Kindred’s Thought of the Day — Kindredspirit’s Prayer

The events that came before today; the events that come as I awake; the events that blacken the horizon of tomorrows: God have mercy upon those who violate his blessings bestowed upon us as a people and as a powerful Caring Nation to those who suffer the slings and arrows across the world having to face treachery not experienced by such waste of spirit now within our shores. Amen.

As I composed the above, I thought about what the good people of each nation endure and the evil we experience in a world gone mad.  But was it not experienced by each generation as decades come and go?  I guess I am not sure what the future holds as did those who faced the historical perils of the past.  It was the character of our people and faith in right that helped us map paths that preserved our nation known so fondly as AMERICA! and held the hope of free people everywhere to build, not destroy such faith.

As this Easter season is upon us, I wish everyone peace in their hearts but awareness that AMERICA is a country of  inhabitants that are a byproduct of different cultures who came here, not to rape but to defend its principles upon which we must never forget which binds us as a Nation and an AMERICA with God’s blessings will bring forth the best in each of us.

2 Responses to “Kindred’s Thought of the Day — Kindredspirit’s Prayer”

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