Kindred’s Special: A Two Kts. Defense System sidewindered in royal fashion mode

Brother, I’ve seen just about everything.  And this one may just top the cake for inventiveness.  What I mean is this: how do you avoid such cunning at  the chessboard?  Turning it over into a human experience in politics which is one of my pet adventures in brow beating that notorious liar, Senator Harry Reid, labeling a Presidential candidate as not paying his taxes (for those who do not know of whom I speak — Candidate Romney.) which turned out to be a fabrication and pure lie in which the senator has now been caught. He admitted it in a TV interview and his smirk told it all before he even muttered those infamous words that condemn any liar: “Well, he didn’t win, did he?!”

Case in point, I bring to your attention a game between GM Sergey Kudrin and A. Cela from the 4th Governor’s Cup event. It is an interesting condition in chess that a chess opening can be manipulated in such a fashion as to tell a line to an opponent which the opponent may well regret when it is discovered that what was expected turns out to be anything but.

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bc4  Nf6  4. d3  h6  5. c3  d6  6. Bb3  g6  7. O-O  Bg7 8. Nbd2  O-O  9. Re1 a6 10. d4 b5  11. a4  Bb7  12. Nf1 Re8  13. Ng3 Qd7

First, square count is 14/10; second, White has a strong central pawn configuration.Black has weakened his k-side pawns a bit.  Following a Nimsovitsch rule of overprotection, Bc2 seems logical since leaving it on b3 seems to possess no immediate or short range goal.  On c2 it exercises pure defense of the e4 center pawn strengthening the center complex.

14.  Bc2  e:d4 15.c:d4 Nb4  16. Bb1 c5 17. Bd2 Nc6 18. d:c5 d:c5 19. a:b5 a:b5  20. R:a8 B:a8 21. Qc1

This quiet move one square hits both c6 and h6. Possible candidate moves are what for black? This position suggests a computer check of the position.  Square count is 8/14.

21. … Ne5

Black choses to force exchanges that appear on the surface to solve his problems by situating the Queen in a strong central position. But it has a flaw.  It is a classic case of an overworked piece.

22. N:e5  R:e5  23. B:h6  B:h6 24. Q:h6  Qd4 25. Qc1  N:e4  26. B:e4  B:e4

Black continues to dominate square count. Oddly enough, I agree, it doesn’t appear to work in this situation. Perhaps this is what my Grandmaster friend was trying to convey to me about its shortcomings as a flawed theory. But it works on the basis here that black pieces, although dominantly placed, labors being an overworked piece as a saving grace!!

27. Qf4

This move that Kudrin plays wins.  But an even quicker win is 27. Qc3 and nets a piece for the box with an easy win.

27. …. f5  28. h4! Re8  29. h5  Kg7 30. Qc7+ Kh6 (Black sees 31. Qf7 coming so resigns.)

Did you notice that the opening moves led to a Ruy Lopez type white pattern and a Ruy Lopez type black pattern?


One Response to “Kindred’s Special: A Two Kts. Defense System sidewindered in royal fashion mode”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Another point my article game puts in the umbrella before it is closed highlights the plight of current politicians as they address the irrational bumbling leftwing nuts for me to ask again: “Where are our leaders?” Because when I look at the picture, it is one of stale and faded reasoning backed by absenteeism of real men and women who are willing to bite the bullet of persecution at the hands of these hate mongers and shout: “I WON’T TAKE THIS CRAP FROM YOU ANYMORE!

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