Kindred’s Special: 37th Marchand Open attracts 141 players

This long running tournament was held over the years at numerous Rochester sites being weaned at the Central Branch YMCA and then finding homes at Monroe Community College, John Fisher and finally to its current home during this decade at the Strong’s National Museum of Play located at One Manhattan Square, Rochester, NY 14607.  It is the major tournament organized and run by the Rochester Chess Center where, on its main floor, you find the walls covered with the results of past, current and future schedules and many interesting tidbits, unusual chess sets and many photos. It has a huge library that covers two-floor rooms and many tables and boards with chessmen set up for play. It boasts a sales staff that is modern and can provide on site or ship orders of chess material of numerous kinds such as books, sets and boards, and chess clocks. A unique feature is that on rare occasions, visitors have offered various personal artistic antiques for cash or exchange.

For those who might recall old-fashioned bookstores that offer that personal attention and approach to meeting the needs or answering the questions of visitors, the Rochester Chess Center is a relic of old and new where the effort is to please.

The main thrust of the club of course is toward the sport where the club has numerous instructors who work with community schools as well as in its club quarters.  It runs various types of tournaments for all ages, some aimed at beginners who can sign up for the various programs offered such as piece movement, how to use a chess clock, how to keep score, rules of good behavior and sportsmanship and how to study and make use of aids–both literature and computers.

Thus, this tournament has grown in both a generous cash prize fund as well as an opportunity to attract players from a local, national and international menu.  In addition to the prize fund of $10,750, there is the attractive 120 Grand Prix Points that interests especially top amateurs and grandmasters to vie for as well as FIDE rated in the open section.

For those interested in viewing some of the games played, you can find them on or do a search: Life in Zugzwang.


OPEN SECTION:  (USCF and FIDE rated) Each player received $917.00.

Gata Kamsky   2768  /  Sergey Kudrin  2577  /   Bryan Smith  2530  /  Deepak Aaron  2425 /  Igor Nikolayev 2413 /

Erik Lubas   2000 /  Tmt. surprise as having achieved a 2227 rating result.  Congratulations! Erik.

SECTION UNDER 2200: $300…Each $60.00

Chen / Roulhac / Pacidkowski  / Rofrand / Levina

SECTION UNDER 2000 /  $1000. split

Luce  /  Bessey   / WIM Jackie Peng  /  Kehoe

SECTION UNDER 1800- 1600 /  $1550. split

Orozco  /  Warner  $625. each;  $150. each to J. Westwig  /  Colwell

SECTION UNDER  1600- 1400  / $800.

$500.  Lionti  $300.  Jesse

SECTION UNDER 1400  $660.

1st  $320  Cortrain  2nd  $200  King  3rd $140:  Baer / Moulden / Pagun / Pike  $35.00 each


1st. $200. Devarakonda  2nd $140 Parry


1st  $200  Fohrman ;  Carey / Niu / A. Ramesh  $150. each


Olander  / A. Ramesh  / Veljoyski / Mandava  $23.00 each

Grandmaster Gata Kamsky will be defending his US Championship title in Saint Louis, Mo.


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