Kindred’s Special: Youngster wins Pinkus Brilliancy Prize

In the 1999 Manhattan Club Championship, 11-year old Hikaru Nakamura pulled off the best game of the championship and was the recipient of the Pinkus Brilliancy Prize.

White:   Hikaru Nakamura   vs.  Black:  Marian Waxman  Opening: Scotch Game

1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. d4  e:d4  4. N:d4  Bc5 5. Be3

Development is sharper than an exchange like 5. N:c6 Qf6! 6. Qd2 d:c6  7. Nc3 Be6.

5. … Qf6  6. c3  Nge7  7. Bc4  O-O  8. O-O  Ne5?!

This exposure in the center allows my square count potency.

9. Be2  d6  10. f4  N/5-g6

This lands Black into trouble and probably best is to retreat the Knight to c6. Still, White then can create play on the Q-side, 11. b4 Bb6 12. Na3 N:d4 13. c:d4 Nc6 14. Nc2. I think White stands slightly better.

11. b4  Bb6  12. Na3  Nc6  13. Nc4  B:d4  14. c:d4  Qe7

Perhaps Black should strike the center.  A bit better is: 14…d5 15. e5 Qe7  16. Nd2

15. b5!  Nd8  16. f5  Nh8 17. Bd3 f6  18. Rf3  g6  19. Bh6  Re8 20. Ne3  c6  21. b:c6  b:c6  22. f:g6  h:g6  23. Rc1 Kh7  24. Bf4 Nhf7  25. Rg3

Hitting the weak g6 square.

25. … Rh8  26. Qh5!!  Kg8  27. Q:g6+ Kf8 28. d5  c5  29. Qg7+ Ke8 30. Bb5+ Bd7 31. Nf5 Black resigns.

Quite an achievement for an 11-year old.

Today, Hikau reigns as a US Chess Champion.


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