Kindred’s Special: College dope has affected the President’s mental state

One of my favorite people who I learned much from is the naturalist, Dr. Michael Savage who warned of the dangers posed by drugs, especially what I call simply the M pot which has been declassified as illegal in some states and made legal for medical use.

The more I see on TV and news coming out of the mouth of our President, the more I realize that this guy is a sicko and it can be attributed to his use of M pot and maybe more as a college student if not before.  His nature and behavior of how he sees  the world order and also his preoccupation with leftwing ideology which is a psychotic state of insanity leaning toward idiocy is a picture of the human mind in any natural state.

Once when I was hired to direct a chess tournament at Buffalo University, I met students in the union  building stairwell that were sitting in a circle blowing soap bubbles and I remember one girl pointing her finger at a huge bubble as it floated toward the ceiling:  “Groovy man, hey guys–just look at that beauty.” The smell was enough to make me sick if I had stayed there beyond the minute or so to get through their subconscious being.

I told my wife about the experience.  She simply said, “Now you know why so many today are mental retards. College dropouts and rich parents who simply want to be rid of their problem–out of sight, out of mind.”  A sad way to think about it.  But I guess my wife told it the way it was and is even today and probably worse in the future.

Frankly I worry about the country surviving for two more years under this President’s umbrella and his mentor’s politics.


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